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Drain Cleaning Services in Temecula, CA

Dealing with a blocked drain is a frustrating disruption of your daily routine. One drain backup somewhere in your home can prevent your family from showering, washing dishes, or taking care of other cleaning issues. A clogged drain can’t wait until you get around to it. When you need drain cleaning services in a hurry, the best solution is to call Guardian Plumbers in Temecula, CA.

At Guardian Plumbers, our drain cleaning services are second to none. Most drains in a residential home can be cleared for as low as $99 in as little as one hour! With one call, our licensed and trained plumbers can perform drain cleaning, drain replacement, rootering, and water leak repair – just to name a few of the services we offer.

Drain cleaning Starting at $99

When a sudden drain problem rears its ugly head in your home’s plumbing system, you can trust Guardian Plumbers to be at your doorstep with the expert knowledge and tools needed to correct your issue. Our plumbers have the best hands-on training, making them experts in unclogging drains, rootering blocked drains, and hydro jetting clogged pipes.

Although drains will clog over time, you have a solution to make sure they are fixed fast every single time. Call the friendly team at Guardian Plumbers at (951) 338-8953. now to get your drain cleaned quickly

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Clogged Drain Removal

Home drains can become clogged for many different reasons. Toilets can get backed up with debris flushed down them, while showers can get stuck with years of hair buildup. In some situations, it may not even be your fault: Tree roots can grow into your drainage lines and create blockages. No matter the reason, Guardian Plumbers’ drain cleaning services can get the job done with one service call.

Our plumbers are trained in using all different types of tools to get drains unclogged, from small drain snakes to large hydro jetting machines to clean out the biggest blockages. When we come to your home, we’ll determine what exactly is causing the blockage, and use the right tool to clean it out and keep the water flowing.

Don’t risk damaging your home by trying to do it yourself or accidentally harming your pipes by using corrosive chemical drain cleaners that may not fix the problem. Instead, trust the professionals at Guardian Plumbing to get the job done fast.


Hydro Jetting Services

There are many reasons to consider professional hydro jetting services. For instance, our methods are environmentally friendly, powerful, and known for being incredibly effective. Instead of poking a hole through the blockage with a snake, hydro jetting breaks up even the toughest debris – like toilet paper, oils, food, and other natural materials that go down your drains.

It’s no wonder why so many homeowners in Temecula schedule hydro jetting as a drain cleaning service instead of using harmful chemical drain cleaners. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from our hydrojet plumbing services.


Drain Replacement

Sometimes, the best solution to a significantly damaged plumbing system is not drain cleaning service, but an outright drain replacement instead. A plumbing or septic system that has worn down over the years often requires frequent repairs – the costs of which can add up quickly. Instead of calling a plumber every month for cleaning or repair, the best choice is a drain replacement.

At Guardian Plumbers, we’re specialists in the field of drain replacements, new drain installation, and repiping services. Let us replace your old drain pipes with new A.B.S. or PVC pipes for a smooth-flowing plumbing system.

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How to Prevent Clogged Drains

For many homeowners, the cheapest way to clean a drain is to not have it clog at all. By maintaining good cleaning habits and monitoring your drainage systems, you can reduce the number and severity of clogged drains, and keep your water running smoothly all year long. Here’s how you can prevent clogged drains across your home.

How Often Should House Drains Be Cleaned?

As a matter of regular home maintenance, your drains should be cleaned after regular usage. While some drains are easier to clean – like a kitchen sink drain or tub drain – others are a little more difficult to get into because of their location. Easy-to-reach drains should be cleaned after every use to prevent debris from building up, keeping pipes cleaner for longer. Difficult drains, such as toilets, should be cleaned once per month. All other drains, including your washing machine drain, should be professionally maintained once per year to prevent a backup which could result in home damage.

Tub & Shower Drains

The drains in showers and tubs are frequently clogged by a buildup of hair and soap scum that accumulates inside the drain. It’s important to regularly clean out the top of your drain to prevent buildup in your drains. You can also use a filter on top of the tub and shower drain to catch debris before it ends up in your drain. If it does back up, we can unclog your drain fast and offer professional advice to help you prevent a major clog in the future.

Kitchen Drains

Grinding food in a garbage disposal may result in a buildup of fat, fruits, food particles, soap, and grease. Over time, this debris will build up and cause a clog in your kitchen drain. Instead of disposing of foods and fats down your kitchen sink, be careful to separate solids and oils from what runs down the drain. If it does get clogged over time, we use a rotary machine or hydro jetting to remove the debris and get the drain running smoothly again.

Toilet Clogs

With regular use, toilets may become clogged with toilet paper and flushable wipes over time. Only use toilet papers that say they are safe to flush, and never flush bigger items like sanitary products, paper towels, or cleaning wipes. Children can also play a part in toilet backups: Toys or other objects flushed down the drain can cause blockages. If you are using a plunger more often to clean out the toilet, it is a sign that a bigger clog is building up. Our plumbers use specialized equipment to unclog the toilet and make sure there are no obstructions. Camera inspections can be used to avoid removing the toilet.

Other Clogs: Bathrooms, Laundry Drains, and More

Clogs aren’t just limited to your “high traffic” plumbing. Anywhere water flows in your home can get clogged or backed up for any reason. If it’s interconnected to your home plumbing, a blockage somewhere else could be the culprit. To ensure drains stay clean, consider annual service on all of your outflows. Guardian Plumbing can handle any type of drain cleaning, including bathroom sinks, laundry drains, floor drains, exterior drains, main septic systems, and main sewer lines to the city.

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