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If you have a leaking showerhead, you’re likely growing tired of the constant drip, drip, drip sound it produces. However, the problem with a leaky showerhead is more than a nuisance—it can also lead to inflated water bills.

There are several potential reasons why your showerhead is leaking. Let’s go over how to identify the cause of a leak and how to fix leaking showerheads.

Diagnosing a Showerhead Leak

If you want to fully understand why your showerhead is leaking, you’ll need to first determine the type of leak you’re dealing with. First, ensure that the shower faucet handle is completely turned off. If the handle is in the “off” position and you notice dripping, the problem lies with the shower cartridge.

Otherwise, you’ll want to remove the showerhead to look for a worn inner seal or mineral buildup. Slowly and carefully remove the showerhead from the shower arm. During this process, cover the drain to ensure that no loose parts fall in and get lost.

Now, let’s discuss the top three most common causes of leaks and how to fix leaking showerheads once and for all.

Worn Inner Seals

Why is your showerhead leaking? Inspect your showerhead’s O-rings and rubber washers. O-rings and washers help prevent leaks by creating seals between your showerhead and its connections. However, these parts can eventually become damaged or worn, leading to inconvenient leaks.

To fix a leaky showerhead due to this problem, you will need to replace the worn O-rings or washers. Fortunately, you can likely purchase these parts at your local hardware store.

Contact Guardian Plumbers for residential plumbing services in Wildomar, CA, if you don’t feel comfortable fixing the showerhead yourself. Our experienced plumbers know how to fix leaking showerheads and can determine if it’s best to move forward with a repair or replacement.

Mineral Buildup

Are you trying to understand why your showerhead is leaking around the faceplate? This issue could be caused by mineral buildup in the showerhead. You’ll need a bowl of white vinegar to fix a showerhead leaking due to mineral deposits.

Remove the showerhead and place it in the bowl of vinegar overnight. In the morning, use a toothbrush to remove any mineral deposits.

A Deteriorated Cartridge

If you’re wondering why your showerhead is leaking while it’s turned off, you might have a damaged cartridge within the faucet body. Most single-handle shower faucets have a cartridge that controls the flow of hot and cold water. However, a cracked or worn cartridge will allow water to drip even while the shower is turned off.

Fortunately, you can learn how to fix a leaking showerhead due to a damaged cartridge. All you will need to do is remove the cartridge and replace it.

How To Replace the Cartridge

Replacing the cartridges for single-hand showers is a straightforward process. First, turn off the water supply to the shower; you can do this either at the shower valve or the main shutoff valve. Once you’ve shut off the water, you’ll need to remove the shower handle, faceplate, and retaining clip. You might also need to remove a hex nut before you can access the cartridge.

Afterward, replace the parts and turn on the water once more. If you’ve installed a new cartridge and still notice a leak, the valve body might be damaged. You’ll need to contact a professional to replace the valve body.

Ready for Professional Plumbing Assistance?

While you now know why your showerhead is leaking, you still might require professional assistance. Guardian Plumbers is here to help with our plumbing fixture services. We offer everything from shower faucet repairs to post-tension slab leak services in Wildomar, CA. Contact us today to learn more about our services!


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