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How to Adjust the Water Level in Your Toilet Bowl

Every homeowner has to deal with issues with toilets at one point or another. Figuring out how to address these issues head-on before they can spiral out of control is something that homeowners have to figure out on their own. Different toilet plumbing issues require unique approaches that may require calling in the professionals.

A common toilet plumbing issue is having a high water level in the toilet bowl, which can increase the likelihood that a facility floods when a user flushes down water from the overhead cistern. This flooding is often caused by an obstruction restricting the water flow from the toilet bowl into the sewer pipe network.

What to Do If the Level Is Too High

If you discover your water levels are too high in your toilet bowl, you have some options available to adjust the water levels. Most of the time, the cause of the higher water levels revolves is due to a clog within your system that’s creating a blockage and, thus, hindering the water flow.

Sometimes, the water will drain out very slowly, and you don’t have to worry about an overflow. However, other times the clog is severe enough that the water won’t drain at all. Calling a professional plumber to take a look at your pipes is the best way to quickly clear the clog before the situation gets significantly worse.

We recommend seeking residential plumbing services in Wildomar to avoid any escalation of the issue. However, you can also take several DIY steps to adjust the water levels in your toilet bowl.

Identify the Floater and Toilet Fill Valve

Knowing exactly what you’re looking for when you dive into the inner workings of your toilet will help you figure out what’s causing the high toilet water levels. First, you need to identify which components are involved in regulating the cistern’s reserve of flush water.

The floater closes and opens a valve connected to your home’s water supply. Your goal is to reduce the floater’s maximum height limit via the adjustment screw of the intake valve, otherwise known as the ballcock. Lowering the water reserve in the overhead cistern ensures that less water remains in the toilet bowl once a user flushes.

Adjust the Toilet Fill Valve

The water level adjustment screw is located next to the outlet spout of your toilet’s intake valve/ballcock. Winding this screw in a clockwise direction lowers the floater’s height limit, while the same motion in the opposite direction increases it. Consequently, reducing the water level of your toilet bowl involves making only three to five complete clockwise turns of the adjustment screw.

Next, flush the cistern to attain the right water level in your toilet bowl. This trial and error adjustment approach means you may require a few tries before getting it right.

What to Do If the Water Level Is Too Low

Dealing with low water levels requires a slightly different approach than high levels. Unlike when the bowl is almost overflowing, not enough water has less to do with the pipes and more to do with the internal mechanisms of your toilet.

Lifting the lid off your overhead cistern gives you direct access to the inner workings of your toilet. You have the opportunity to dive into these mechanisms and figure out if everything is working the way it should. Turn the toilet fill valve counterclockwise to increase the water level in your toilet bowl.

Hire the Top Toilet Repair Services in Temecula

Homeowners can let certain issues with their plumbing go unaddressed for long periods because it doesn’t feel like an immediate threat. However, toilet plumbing issues can wreak havoc on your living space if not addressed promptly. If the above tips do not work for your toilets, do not hesitate to call a toilet repair expert in Temecula, CA, to handle the issue.

At Guardian Plumbers, we are toilet repair experts serving Temecula and the surrounding areas. We are available around the clock to handle any plumbing emergencies you may have. Get in touch with us today for more information about our plumbing solutions and schedule your next call.

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