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Does A Drain Cleaner Dissolve Hair

One of the most common problems homeowners experience with their plumbing systems is a clogged drain. Hair is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to drains becoming blocked, as it can easily get caught in debris and start to accumulate over time.

Hair has an affinity for water, which means that once it gets wet, it can become entangled and create a blockage within your pipes. Not only does this cause slow drainage, but hair buildup can also lead to serious issues, such as flooding or even burst pipes if left untreated.

When it comes to removing hair from drains, most people reach for heavy-duty drain cleaners without any understanding of how they work or what they can do. Is the drain cleaner powerful enough to break down hair and dissolve it? The answer is yes – but not all cleaners are made the same.

Types of Drain Cleaners Available on the Market

Chemical drain cleaners come in several varieties, with the most common being alkaline-based and acid-based solutions. Alkaline-based cleaners typically contain sodium hydroxide or lye, which helps dissolve organic matter, such as hair. Acid-based cleaners contain hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid and are used primarily for dissolving grease and soap scum buildup. Both types of cleaner work by breaking down the molecular structure of clogs, allowing them to be flushed away more easily.

While chemical drain cleaners can be effective at removing hair clogs, they can also be damaging to pipes if used incorrectly. These products may produce heat when mixed with water and can cause plastic pipes or fittings to melt if left in contact too long. Metal pipes may corrode over time due to the acidic nature of some chemicals. It is important to read labels carefully and follow all safety instructions when using a chemical drain cleaner.

Alternatives to Using A Chemical-based Drain Cleaner for Dissolving Hair in Drains

For those who want to avoid using chemical-based cleaners, there are some alternative methods for removing hair from drains. Using a plunger or auger may be enough to dislodge small blockages caused by hair, allowing the clog to flow freely down the drain. Boiling water can also help break up tough clogs and dissolve some of the buildups.

However, if these methods fail and the blockage persists, you may need to call in a professional plumber for assistance. Professional plumbers have access to more powerful tools and cleaners, such as hydro-jetting, which can be used to effectively break up tough clogs.

Get Drain Cleaning that Works

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