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Have you ever noticed how when you turn your water faucet on, the water tends to come out at a pretty consistent pressure level? This is largely thanks to a small device on your main water line known as a pressure reducing valve, or PRV for short.

The water pressure in the city’s main water network is usually far too high for most homes to effectively use and is also prone to fluctuations as homes increase and decrease their water usage needs. A PRV reduces the high pressure and evens out the ebbs and flows, so the water entering your home is both at a manageable and even pressure level.

But as with any part of your plumbing system, your PRV can wear out after a while, and a broken or worn PRV can cause some serious potential issues for your home. If you want to avoid these issues and the repercussions they can have on your plumbing system, you need to have a professional Riverside County plumber come to your home and replace your PRV as soon as possible.

Here are some of the things that can happen if you don’t replace a pressure regulating valve when it breaks down.

Plumbing Leaks

When the pressure in your pipes is too high, it puts a lot of strain on the pipes themselves as well as all of the joints and fittings where they are pieced together. All this extra pressure is particularly bad on the weak points in your plumbing, and yes, every home has weak points.

When the pressure becomes too much, the weak point gives out, and suddenly you’re facing a plumbing leak. Most plumbing leaks are small, which makes them difficult to detect and capable of wreaking some serious havoc on your home. However, big plumbing leaks can deal with an unbelievable amount of damage in a short period of time.

How to Identify Plumbing Leaks

You can identify a leaking main water pressure regulator by looking for water on the floor or on the regulator itself. Find your water meter, which is usually located in the basement, and look for a bell-shaped device right next to it. This is your water pressure regulator, and it should look something like this:

valve comparison 3

If you notice water leaking from your water pressure regulator, it may be time for a replacement. It’s essential to address this problem as soon as possible because faulty water pressure regulator symptoms can lead to costly water damage.

Water Leaking From Faucet

Is water leaking from the handles on your faucet, even when the faucet is turned off?

Water leaks are one of the most common water pressure regulator problems and can be a significant indication that you need to replace the water pressure regulator. This is a sign that the gaskets and other parts of your faucet have started to wear out and crack under the stress caused by high water pressure.

It is possible to fix this, but it’s going to result in a lot of wasted water, and over time, the faucet’s only going to wear out again. Not to mention when you turn on the water, it will simply spew out at an alarming rate rather than at a much easier and more controllable flow.

High Water Pressure Damaging Your Water Heater & Appliances

Your home’s appliances are all similar to faucets in that they need to be able to turn the water on and off. So when the pressure builds up too high, this could present all sorts of problems for your water heater, washing machine, reverse osmosis or another type of water filtration system, dishwasher, and so much more.

In fact, high water pressure and hard water are two of the most common reasons why a water-connected appliance experiences a breakdown.

While it may not happen immediately, high water pressure can quickly contribute to wear and tear, so it’s important to get your PRV fixed quickly if you want to avoid having to pay for even more costly repairs or appliance replacement.

Poor Water Pressure

Low water pressure—or no water pressure at all—can also indicate a faulty pressure reducing valve. You may need to replace your water pressure regulator if you notice a significant decrease in water pressure when using multiple faucets at once.

However, low weather pressure isn’t always a sign of a bad water pressure regulator. Check to see if you have poor water pressure for your hot and cold water. If you only notice a problem with your hot water, then a malfunctioning water heater may be to blame. Contact a Wildomar plumber to inspect further and provide a professional diagnosis.

Thumping or Banging Water Pipes

When you turn the water off, do you notice a sudden loud thumping or banging from inside your walls? This is the previously-alleviated extra pressure suddenly building up and putting stress on your pipes again. This creates a vibration in the pipe, which can cause the pipe to move and create the hammering noise.

Sometimes the hammer is soft and barely noticeable, while in other instances, it’s significantly louder and difficult to ignore. In either case, this signals a potentially serious problem may not be far off.

Don’t merely brush off these noisy signs that your water pressure regulator is bad. Get in touch with a professional right away to repair or replace the water pressure regulator.

How to Know It’s Time for a Replacement

How long does a water pressure regulator last? On average, you should replace your PRV every four to five years.

However, how often you should replace water pressure regulators can depend on a few factors. For example, your PRV usage can influence how often you need a pressure regulator valve replacement. The more you use your PRV, the more wear and tear it will endure.

When It’s Time for Professional Plumbing Services

Do you need your pressure regulator valve repair? Or, if you have an old water pressure regulator, is it time for a replacement? Don’t simply endure inconvenient water pressure regulator problems.

The expert and highly qualified team of professional plumbers at Guardian Plumbers can help! We provide an array of residential plumbing services in Wildomar, CA. You can count on us to replace water pressure regulators with customer satisfaction in mind.

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