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Sewer Line Replacement in Wildomar, CA

Living with a damaged sewer line isn’t an option for most families. Coming home to a place that smells like sewage, using a bathroom that experiences constant backups, or having a yard with pools of septic waste is unhygienic and requires the homeowner’s immediate attention. If you see any of these warning signs popping up throughout your home, you know it’s time for a sewer line repair, or maybe even a whole sewer line replacement.

Guardian Plumbing has been providing the residents of Wildomar, CA, with top-tier sewer line replacement and repair services for the last 10 years. We’ve become the trusted plumbing company in the area for our expertise in plumbing services and our dedication to our customer’s satisfaction. See for yourself how our professional services are designed to create value for you by scheduling an appointment with us today.

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Sewer Inspection Camera

A broken sewer line can be hard to diagnose without the right tools and technology. Whether your sewer line is clogged, cracked, or even collapsed, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact location of the damage without physically seeing the pipe. Some plumbing companies will excavate your whole yard while trying to guess where the break in your sewer line is. Not us! We use modern technology to help us stay ahead of the curve.

Sewer inspection cameras can help make the diagnosis and sewer pipe repair process extremely quick and pain-free. This specially designed, waterproof camera is attached to a long fiber optic cable, which is fed through the sewer line and transmits a live-feed of the inside of the pipe. Sewer inspection cameras allow our plumbers to locate and inspect the damage quickly, so they can provide you with an immediate solution. They can even be utilized during drain cleaning services for all homes in Wildomar, CA.

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Sewer Pipe Repair

We saved your yard from excavation once with our sewer inspection camera, and we can do it again with our trenchless sewer repair services! Trenchless sewer repairs involve using minimal dig technology to repair or replace your broken sewer line. It’s effective, efficient, and economical. Once homeowners experience the satisfaction of trenchless technologies for themselves, they refuse to go back to excavation methods for future sewer line replacements.

How does trenchless sewer repair work? We can perform two different types of trenchless sewer repair, as detailed below.

Perma-lining is a pipelining rehabilitation process where the host pipe is thoroughly cleaned out with a hydro jetter to remove all buildup and/or roots. In order to seal cracks and breaks, a felt liner treated with epoxy resin is inverted into the host pipe using air compression through a 4’ by 4’ hole dug to expose the entry point in the pipe. Then a second tube is inverted and inflated to expand the liner against the host pipe walls. After the epoxy hardens, a sewer camera inspection is performed to confirm the liner is sealed properly. This type of trenchless sewer repair requires digging only one hole.
Pipe bursting is a pipe replacement process that requires two holes to be dug — one at the beginning point of the pipe replacement, and one at the end point. This method is generally used if the host pipe is too damaged and/or partially collapsed, rendering perma-lining to not be an option. A cable is fed from one hole to the other through the old damaged host pipe. Then, using a hydraulic machine, the new pipe is pulled through the old pipe, breaking it out of the way as it is pulled. Then the pipe is reconnected at each end. A sewer camera inspection is then performed to ensure a successful repair.

What used to be a formidable sewer line replacement is now made easy with the use of trenchless technology. You get fast, affordable, and effective repairs for your broken sewer line in Wildomar, CA, while keeping your yard in pristine condition. And we get to leave you satisfied beyond your wildest dreams. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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A broken sewer line qualifies as an emergency service that we’re more than happy to handle. Our expertise in sewer line replacement and repairs is well-known, making us the trusted plumbing company in Wildomar, CA. Don’t hesitate any longer to pick up the phone and give us a call to schedule an appointment!

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